Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence

'Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence' is a state-of-the art additive manufacturing technology promotion initiative from Additive Manufacturing Society of India (AMSI).

'Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence' aims to bring industries, R & D establishments and academia together to solve manufacturing problems through additive manufacturing technology.

The strong team of national and international qualified professionals and researchers are associated with 'Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence' to provide research & development solutions, industry interaction through projects and consultations, short training courses, workshops, conferences and seminars.

The center will bridge the gap between basic research, product design & development and provide cutting-edge solutions through access to additive manufacturing systems. The main objective of the center is to create an ecosystem to educate industry, research & development and academics in additive manufacturing technology. The center also promotes for collaborative projects from around the world in cutting-edge additive manufacturing technology.